Planning Services

Planning Services

Planning Services provides a variety of professional administrative support services, including policy analysis, development and advice, and statistical and research-based management information. We facilitate the efficient and effective operation of the University's planning, review and evaluation of performance, resource allocation and other decision-making processes, and ensure compliance with many of its external statutory reporting and negotiating requirements.

Planning Services Units

Planning Support
  • Support for planning and budgeting
  • Student load planning, including preparing Admission and Quota Plan and projections, and negotiating aspects of Commonwealth government Funding Agreement and related matters
  • Drafting submissions to Commonwealth reviews and providing advice on Commonwealth policy and related matters
Statistics Office
  • Provides statistical information, including UWA in Brief and UniStats
  • Prepares and disseminates executive information about the University through the Executive Information System (EIS)
  • Prepares statistical collections and runs national surveys, such as the Australian Graduate Survey
Institutional Research Unit (IRU)
  • Conducts research to support institutional planning, policy formation and decision making.
  • Runs a range of surveys including the Student Reflective Feedback (SURF) survey

Planning Services Staff (


Planning Documents (authorised users only)
Executive Information System (authorised users only)
Statistical profiles and analyses of the University's performance over time against its plans, and relative to other institutions.
Planning Services Staff Resources (restricted to Planning Services Staff)
User Feedback/ Request